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Broom Stick

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USD via TT, LC

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Introducing our premium quality Broom Stick, sourced directly from the farmers in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Our Broom Sticks are made from the finest natural coconut leaf bone, ensuring durability and reliability for all your sweeping needs.

Our commitment to sourcing directly from the farmers means that we are able to provide a fair price to the local community and support sustainable farming practices. We work closely with our farmers to ensure that each Broom Stick is crafted with care and attention to detail, resulting in a product that is both environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

Our Broom Sticks are perfect for a variety of cleaning tasks, whether it be sweeping floors, tidying up outdoor spaces or even using as a decorative piece in your home. With their sturdy construction and traditional design, they are sure to provide years of use and enjoyment.

We are proud to export our Broom Sticks to buyers around the world, sharing the beauty and craftsmanship of Sulawesi with the global community. By choosing our Broom Sticks, you are not only investing in a high-quality product, but also in the livelihoods of our local farmers and the sustainability of our planet.

HS Code



Coconut leaf bone


Dry yellow


70-160cm, or as per buyer request

Shelf Life

If stored properly, the product can have a shelf life for years


Ideal as a material for gardening, decorating, exercise, and DIY projects


Clean, Free insect, and Fully dried


25kg or 50kg in one PP bag

Place of Origin

South Sulawesi, Indonesia


Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, Indonesia

  1. Please choose the container you want to use for transporting Broom Stick. Once you've made your selection, then click the "Order now" button. Upon clicking, you will be automatically directed to WhatsApp for further assistance.
  2. Click the "Order now" button below and choose the container you want to use for transporting Broom Stick. Once you've made your selection, then click the "Process" button. Upon clicking, you will be automatically directed to WhatsApp for further assistance.
  3. Once redirected, please provide details about Broom Stick you wish to order. If you have a Purchase Order, please mention it to facilitate the discussion.
  4. Our team will respond with details about availability, shipping, pricing, and payment methods.
  5. If we come to an agreement, we will send you an invoice and instructions to complete the payment and confirm your order.
  6. After completing the payment, our team will confirm your order and provide an estimated delivery date.
  7. We will start the production process and keep you informed on the status of your order via WhatsApp.
  8. Once your order has been delivered, inspect the Broom Stick to ensure it meets your expectations. If there are any issues or discrepancies, please contact our customer support for orders at to address the problem.
  9. Lastly, we would appreciate it if you leave a review of the product and your experience on our website to help other buyers make informed decisions in the future.

What is the minimum order quantity for Broom Stick?

Our minimum order volume for Broom Stick is 7MT FCL. We do not export coconut and its derivatives in less than one container load, and Less Container Load (LCL) deliveries are not applicable. We only deliver fully packed containers.

Do you offer product samples, and are they free of charge?

Yes, we do offer product samples for you to evaluate before placing bulk order. We will send you a sample of our product for free of charge. For Broom Stick, we can send a quantity of 1-2 kg. However, please note that as a buyer, you will be responsible for covering the delivery fees.

How long is your lead time for Broom Stick?

Typically, the lead time for 7MT is 14-21 days, whereas it may take 25-30 days for goods that are either low in stock or out of stock, depending on the requested quantity (the number of days mentioned here is specific to Asian region and may differ from other continents). Read more.

What is your terms of payment for Broom Sticks?

Our payment terms require a 30-50% advance payment via TT (Telegraph Transfer) to our company account in Indonesia. Our preferred bank is BCA (Bank Central Asia), and the swift code is CENAIDJA. Upon receiving this payment, we will begin the production process.

What services do you provide for Broom Stick?

Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CNF, CIF
Accepted Payment Currency: USD
Accepted Payment Type: TT, LC
Language Spoken: English

How can we guarantee the quality of the product?

It is our standard practice to provide a pre-production sample before mass production and conduct a final inspection before shipment. We believe in building strong, long-term relationships with our buyers, as we understand that a one-time business deal does not guarantee quality assurance or responsibility after the shipment. We take pride in our commitment to quality assurance and accountability, ensuring that our buyers receive the highest standard of products and services.

  • Our Broom Stick is sourced directly from local farmers in Sulawesi, Indonesia, ensuring fair prices and supporting the local economy.
  • We prioritize sustainable farming practices and social responsibility in all aspects of our business.
  • Kindly take note of the product's availability before placing an order. In case the product is out of stock, we will provide information on its availability, and you will not be able to place an order until it becomes available again.
  • Specific for discounted products, terms and conditions will apply. Our team will explain the details during the order process.

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