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Semi Husked Coconut
Exporting the best Semi Husked Coconuts from Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Mappoji Charcoal Briquettes
In stock

Charcoal Briquettes

Bring the heat with our premium Charcoal Briquettes - your top choice for exporting.

Mappoji Coconut Shell Charcoal
In stock

Coconut Shell Charcoal

Exporting Coconut Shell Charcoal - the eco-friendly choice for your grilling and heating needs.

Mappoji White Copra
In stock

White Copra

Organic raw material for coconut-based oils, including cooking, skincare, and industrial applications.

Mappoji Semi Husked Coconut
In stock

Semi Husked Coconut

Taste the tropics with our Semi Husked Coconut from Sulawesi - the perfect culinary ingredient.

Mappoji Black Copra
In stock

Black Copra

Exploring Black Copra: A Rich and Distinctive Variety of Coconut.

Mappoji Broom Stick
Limited stock

Broom Stick

Experience the quality of our crafted broom sticks - exported for your cleaning convenience.